INTEMAC has traditionally dedicated a significant volume of its activity to Technical Assistance in highway works.

During the Highway Plan from 1986-1993, which involved the construction of more than 3,400 km of expressways and divided highways, INTEMAC created a strong team that continued its work during the Infrastructure Master Plan for the period 1994-2007. This team has been renewed and upgraded and is still responding to the needs of our clients.

As a demonstration of the trust in INTEMAC’s services within the field of Technical Assistance for highway projects, our traditional clients include both national and regional Public Administrations, as well as the leading Concession Companies that operate in Spain.

We have worked on all types of projects – intercity, coastal, mountain, metropolitan – and with all types of conditioning factors – environmental, archaeological, geotechnical, climatic, geographical – and we have always achieved our goal of providing the maximum quality of the works. This has been possible thanks to the professional skills of the personnel assigned to the worksite, and the technical support of INTEMAC’s Central Services, when problems that have arisen in the projects have needed to be solved.


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